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I got to meet Tom Hiddleston!! He is, without a doubt, the nicest, most considerate man on the planet. Seriously, his dedication and consideration to his fans is astounding; I’d heard the stories, but now I’ve experienced it.

Let me give you some perspective: it was 34-degrees Fahrenheit, windy, and snowing/raining hard. It was miserable outside. Like many of the other actors, whom I don’t blame in the slightest, Tom could easily have just walked through, or even signed autographs quickly and to a few.

But did he? No. He went down one side and back up it…then he came to our side and walked up it and down it…and then he did that again. This man made several passes to both sides of the red carpet, stopped for every single autograph book/paper put before him, and paused for every picture requested of him. He also thanked us profusely for singing him a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday”, as well as standing in the cold and wet.

What can I say? I’m officially converted to the cult of Hiddles; if there were a “Miss/Mr. Congeniality” award in Hollywood, he’d win it hands-down.

1 year ago on February 11th, 2013 | J | 862 notes